I was surprised when I opened the Greenpeace Youtube channel this morning.

I got a message on our inbox coming from veterans of the historic anti-Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), campaign in the 80s. The message was from the NUKLUS Band,  an alternative and progressive rock band that performed during the 80's. They were the ones who composed the song "Dambuhala Sa Morong" (Monster of Morong), in 1980 which became the battle-cry of the Philippine anti-nukes movement at the time.

Attached with their message is a video clip of their song, which I've embeded on top of this post. It seems that the BNPP revival move in Congress is drawing more and more anti-BNPP veterans out into the broad opposition to the BNPP.

It is our hope here at Greenpeace that Philippine Congress would head the call to stop the madness of reviving the BNPP.

Also for those of you who are in Facebook, you might want to join the lively discussion on our wall regarding the BNPP, all you have to do is fan our page and then speak your mind about what you feel regarding the recent plans to revive the BNPP.

Our Facebook page is www.greenpeace.org.ph/facebook

Chuck Baclagon