Summer 2017 is the time I get to start another chapter in my life and begin another journey to learn new things. It is also at this moment where I begin my internship in my chosen organization— Greenpeace. The reason is I’ve always shown interest towards our environment and how its beauty captivates us in so many ways.

My interest in enhancing our environment did not start from the day I filed my application in Greenpeace though. You could say it started much longer than that. During my elementary years, I was aware of what goes on in our environment and how each one of us plays a distinctive role in it. When I was young, my dad and I would bond over watching educational channels, like the Discovery Channel or National Geographic, and we’d be so intrigued with just about anything or everything. We’d learn about the nature of animals in their natural habitats, the environment around us, the structure of different machines, the mysteries of space, and all those wonderful things existing in this enormous world. In the past years, I did not delve much into learning more about the environment instead what sufficed for me was basically knowing what was happening in the world right now and that would’ve just been enough for me. However, from these channels I saw what NGO’s around the world advocate for and what they do to protect our environment from all the man-made destruction around the globe. From this, I recognized how Greenpeace campaigns slowly and effectively bring a clear message to the public; from my first time seeing them I was in complete awe knowing how strong their impact was on others.

It wasn’t until I was older when I realized that the environment won’t be able to fix itself when we ourselves are the main cause of destroying it slowly, day by day. It was also during this time when my classmates and I were aware of the bad effects of plastics to our environment, most importantly to living creatures. In order to send out a message of wanting to be an environment-friendly school, we would refrain from using straws when buying drinks from the school canteen because plastic can only be used once or twice at most; and to think about it we can still enjoy our drink without the straw so why bother using it and causing harm to the environment. We would also segregrate our trash to the proper trash bins, not only is it a must in schools to teach their students to follow these rules but it is important to put it into good practice and constantly reminding other students to be aware about these kinds of things since other students are not as meticulous in segregating their trash because for them the mere fact that they are throwing their trash in the trash bin is enough.

Fast forward to three years into college, it's summer and now it’s right about time I chose where I would have my internship at and let’s be honest at first it was hard since the place I would spend my internship would have to be aligned with my current course so I wouldn’t be wasting valuable knowledge I have gained from the three years studying. As a Political Science student majoring in International Relations and Foreign Service it’s difficult to find an NGO in Cebu the place where I am really interested in but I remembered that I always wanted to be part of Greenpeace ever since I saw them on the news and internet, not to mention the campaigns they do are pretty much related to what I’m interested in. Therefore, I searched the net to check if they had any branch located in the Philippines and luckily they did but the problem was that it was in Manila which was very far from Cebu. Even though the distance was far I still got the support of my parents and sent my application to Greenpeace and was blessed to receive a response from them after a month noting that I got accepted. I was ecstatic to know this because I get to spend my internship in a place I know I will learn a lot and demonstrate my full potential as a person. On the other hand, let's not forget the main purpose of a Political Science student being evidence based lifelong learners steering good governance and to embody the principles of Scientia, Virtus, Devotio as well as to have integrity, resilience, fraternity and sagacity in everything I do.

The first day I started in Greenpeace I could not fully grasp this reality, I made it here, I finally made it and it’s all real. I know I will definitely learn a lot from this organization and from the different people working here because everyone is hopelessly devoted in everything they do just like how I will be once I am given the tasks to be done. Every day is a new experience and each day I get to be exposed to different environments that I never expected to be at. All the fieldwork, meetings are all very new to me and yet at the end of the day as I lie down on my bed and think to myself how it was a productive day. Meeting new people from different organizations and have the same goals is just amazing to experience.

Finally, Greenpeace taught me a lot during this short duration I was here since my internship is coming to an end. It taught me to always keep an open mind in every campaign we do because not all campaigns are the same and have a certain advocacy, each of the campaigns done has different learnings and different outcomes but the goal is the same, striving to have a better environment for all of us to live in. Above everything else Greenpeace taught me to become a better person, a person who is willing to do what is right, to be independent and be an example to others, and to be united and make a change in our environment for the betterment of society. Lastly, we only get one life and one Earth so it is our job to take good care of Earth since she has been taking care of us for a very long time just like how a mother takes care of her child.