Beyond population growth, and the bleak availability of food for a majority of people and climate change impacts, there are many compelling reasons to start growing for all of us to opt for sustainable agriculture. In fact, it is long overdue for the Philippines to push sustainable agriculture – for better harvest, healthy consumption, and adaptation to climate change as well.

That’s why I think it is timely for Greenpeace to organize a Sustainable Agriculture Congress from the 25th to 26th August 2011 in Baras, Rizal, the first ever organic town in the Philippines.

The congress is meant for all those who believe in sustainable living, to plough our country's way through, to a better, greener and healthier future.

The congress will have workshops and presentations focusing on the future of Philippine Agriculture working towards organic and ecological farming, thus building a network of provinces for sustainable agriculture. Biosafety, GMOs and its impacts on economics of farmers and trade will also be addressed upon at the conference. In general, the congress' onus is focused on the food world: a world that is created and sustained, of course in the natural way, thus creating a healthy living space. This congress will feature other resource persons from different parts of the country as well to share their knowledge and experiences with regard to the advancement of ecological farming.

Against the backdrop of the Laguna Lake, lush green trees, over-looking of the city, and a town where organic farming is alive and well, the venue in all its picturesque set-up creates an understanding and consciousness, that we need to ensure healthy farming and healthy food for today and tomorrow, by protecting soil, water and climate, promotes biodiversity, and does not contaminate the environment with chemical inputs or genetic engineering - such is the goal of the Sustainable Agriculture Congress.