Greenpeace is now turning ten this year.

It’s been ten long years of turning the tide for the environment. And I believe as an organization that is still not in the mainstream consciousness of society we have a lot to be proud about. It's not that I believe in bragging rights, but I mean as far as the Philippine office is concerned I deeply believe that our resilience as an office faced with a lot of challenges and setbacks we deserve a pat on our back for coming up with landmark legislations and outstanding contributions that I would like to believe have cemented our place in the annals of Philippine environmental and social movement history.

Much can be said of our office here and Manila as in a way the office has become an extended family for the staff, volunteers, fundraisers and allies whose lives have been spent working with us in the campaigns that we've ran in these past ten years. I myself am still quite new as I only came in five years ago as the Southeast Asian offices' first fulltime online activist/blogger/web developer a post that I still handle up to this time.

For me five years still gives me that feeling of elation that comes with knowing that I am part of something that is bigger than me. I still get excited with the realization that I share the same office with people whose names I only read about when I was a student activist back in the late 90s. not to mention that it is also 5 years what I would like to call as 'quality family' time that comes with this amazing convergence of a ragtag group of veterans activists from the anti-Marcos dictatorship, pioneers in the Philippine environmental movement, outdoor enthusiasts, visionaries, tree-huggers and dedicated activists whose discontent with the way things are have found expression in non-violent direct action.

It’s been ten years of fruitful working that resulted with policies that I would like to believe paves the way for a path that would in time bear fruit

to our collective aspiration for a greener and peaceful future. and I know I am not alone in feeling this, I know there are many more people whose imagination has also been captured by the story of the first Greenpeace activists who in  1971 went on a small boat sailed into Amchitka,  north of Alaska to intervene with the US Government's underground nuclear tests.

Greenpeace speaks for 2.8 million supporters worldwide, and right now I would like to encourage you turn the tide for the environment again here in the Philippines by calling on President Aquino to visit the Rainbow Warrior on its arrival on the 27th in Manila to sign our Energy [R] Revolution Roadmap.