It’s hard to imagine how, considering the unspeakable damage caused by typhoon Yolanda, Filipinos still find the tenacity to help. Surely I’m not the first to observe that we seem to keep an infinite reservoir of positivity, such that no matter how many misfortunes befall us, we always find a reason to get back up.

We wanted our fundraising gig with Red Ninja, Solid!, and Solve the System productions to give prominence to this trait, and so we named it “Bright Side.”

The gig’s turnout was far better than we expected for a weekday evening. We saw several new faces—mostly students, young professionals, and artists, eager to learn more about global warming, its impacts, as well as what it takes to be a climate defender.

Of course, Greenpeace volunteers and staff who were present gladly filled them in on our on-going campaign to save the climate.

Guests revelled in performances by Nyctinasty, Tonight We Sleep, Runway Crimes, Cheats, Anj Florendo, Mad Hatter Day, PerkyWasted, and Verbacoma, who all played pro bono for the benefit of typhoon Yolanda survivors.

We raised as much as PHP 15,028.25 for Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Build Philippines, a program that aims to provide shelter repair kits and core house units to communities displaced by the typhoon.

By “Bright Side,” we meant the side of hope, and of ordinary individuals taking action to help the people and the planet. May this event mark the start of more actions for climate justice in the future.

It's Climate Change Consciousness Week from November 25 to December 1, 2013. Learn more about climate change by watching the short video found here.