As we celebrate Labor Day, let us be reminded  of how our historical, painstaking, borderless actions for a better world gave us a 40-hour work week, paid leaves, health care, and social security, and other benefits. These very same collective actions put social justice with the upliftment of the poor in development under the Bill of Rights in our constitution.

The labor movement did not just give us weekends. The breathing space, welfare, and convenience that are rightfully ours were not handed to us on a silver platter. Rsther, it was borne out of the power of our collective actions. What started as an economic struggle became a conscious political struggle, tasked not just to forward the economic interests of humanity, but of making sure that these interests are shaped by us; the people themselves.

Didn’t we as a nation come together to end the brutal Marcos dictatorship? Didn’t we organize ourselves to pressure our government to pass laws on renewable energy, clean air and water, and solid waste management? The combined power of our online signatures and offline actions also led to Nickelodeon abandoning its plans that would have destroyed the country’s last beautiful frontier: Coron, Palawan.

If we find strangers, neighbors,  and friends being jailed, killed or persecuted for having a different framework when it comes to national development and governance, it is high time again to start talking about these atrocities, with the aim of mobilizing millions to protect the integrity of humanity.

Our borderless actions should be found online - from the comments section of our news articles to social media, in communities, in the streets, and towing over others who find pleasure in the misery of our people and the destruction of the environment that gives us food, water, and air.

In a few months, we will again cast our votes for the barangay and national mid-term elections, to choose people who will reflect our aspirations. Let us participate and propose concrete platforms for sustainable inclusive development, environmental protection, governance, women and human rights.  Let us steer clear of rhetorics, theatrical statements and political dynasties, let us put accountability back on the table and strongly reject the appeal for dictatorship.

We have been celebrating significant days for our heroes and historical milestones that gave birth to our country; we celebrate days for our environment, or for our fisherfolk. This Labor Day, let us not just celebrate the victories won by our collective effort, but let us also celebrate how capable we are in winning more victories for a sustainable future.