Shell oil drill rigSix Greenpeace volunteers are currently far out in the Pacific on-board the ship Esperanza. Together with the ship’s crew, they are following Shell’s giant oil rig as it heads north to Alaska. Their aim is to draw the world’s attention to Shell’s reckless plan to drill the Arctic.

Almost 7 million people around the world have already joined the movement against Arctic drilling. Now we need YOUR HELP to take it up a notch.

Here's the plan:

The media is picking up on #TheCrossing story—it's time we get it to a broader audience. By using your social media muscle—tweeting, sharing and commenting on those stories as they happen — you can spread the news about Greenpeace, Shell, and the Arctic. Shell and their shareholders monitor what's said about them on news story and social media so they will notice. If enough of us do this, it will amplify the story so much that it will take on a new momentum - Governments will notice, Shell will notice and their shareholders will notice.

It’s really easy—here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Jump over to Google News and set up a Google News Alert search - here's one I prepared earlier.

Step 2: Click on options, set it up like this, and then hit the blue CREATE ALERT button.
Google News Alerts

Step 3: Click on the links to stories Google will then send you and then use the share buttons on those pages to tweet and share the story – and add our hashtag #thecrossing – so that your tweets appear in our feed.

And that’s it!