Yesterday in Guam we spent much of the morning discussing the WCPFC’s Technical and Compliance Committee’s Provisional Monitoring Report from their 7th regular session on Surveillance and zzzzzz…….  If you didn’t fall asleep during that sentence then you’re doing at least as well as many of the delegates to this super important meeting that will decide the future of Pacific tuna.

These meetings can be fiery at times, with Pacific Island delegates virtually leaping across the floor and going for the jugular of distant fishing nations who block conservation measures.

But they can also feature hours upon hours of very dry technical discussion that only a handful of people fully understand.

Either way, you can imagine how popular the coffee cart in the foyer can be some times.

So you can probably also imagine just how excited we are that right by the coffee cart Greenpeace has set up our whopping great big screen onto which is a projected a mesmerizing virtual aquarium.  Across that aquarium your tweets are delivered live and the petition counter climbs with every signature.

It’s an absolute hit! It’s loved and hated, depending on whether you’re asking a tuna plunderer or a delegate who’s also fighting to save out tuna.  And that’s the whole idea.

We’ve received thanks and praise from many here for giving you the chance to speak directly to them. There are encouraging countries and individuals and there are tweets chastising those who act as roadblocks to sensible reforms.

There are favourite tweets, and there are tweets that have made some delegates sweat – we’ve been asked to take some down, we’ve been asked to repeat some - usually the same tweet will draw opposite reactions depending which side of the sustainability fence you’re sitting on.

Send yours through now ...

Here are a few favourites:


So keep them coming, your words will appear right in the thick of it, they might be witnessed by the chief science advisor for China, or the head of delegation of Tuvalu – you might change the mind of the commissioner representing the European Union, Japan or the United States. Or you might just put a smile on the face of a tired Palauan advisor fighting to protect the beauty of his island home.