"Humanity already possesses the fundamental scientific, technical, and industrial know-how to solve the carbon and climate problems for the next half-century." -Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow Science, Aug. 2004

Join people's climate march

Aren't you tired of all the doom-and-gloom stories you see everyday on the TV or on your social media feeds?

I am.

For some time now, I confess I have been pessimistic about almost everything. Typhoons relentlessly hit us, impacting people who have been the most vulnerable, least prepared and not to mention not directly causing climate change; and yet we find that the government would still favor dirty energy to power the country in spite of fact that the Philippines is abundant with renewable energy sources. 

Enter the People's Climate March. Today, while people talk about the predominant impasse that is climate change, I can say we're not on a deadlock yet. I've emerged energized once again after seeing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide marching on streets and virtually. I told myself, "ah, we can still turn the tide".


How many times should we bring revolutions out there? You ask.

I say relentlessly --until we get to see real change that leads to the just, safe, and peaceful world we all dream of.

We, the people, must take charge and seriously label destructive coal mining, clearcutting rainforests, greenwashing, air and water pollution, and corruption in the government as --crimes.

I’m sure that you also have had enough of disproportionate responses touted by governments and corporations to the environmental crisis. Yes, riding our bikes and changing our light bulbs are really good practices, yet the fact remains that a big part of stopping the progress of climate change involves getting off fossil fuels. The necessary technology to accomplish this already exists, and it’s getting cheaper every year.

The power lies in our hands if only we’d be brave enough to rid ourselves of our addiction to dirty fossil fuels and wanton consumerism peddled to us by the capitalist system that is already trembling in fear because its hold on the communities, economies, media and political processes is slowly waning. Hence, we should no longer be afraid or discouraged because we are the vast majority--we hold the power to create the change we want.

ImagineThey say that "if you can imagine it, you can achieve it".

I dare each one of us to imagine a world no longer dependent on destructive fuels; imagine carbon emissions drastically reduced; imagine stabilized and cheap energy costs for consumers.

Now more than ever, we need the collective imagination that yearns for a better world. One that is enough to push us into action as it is a clear indication that we know what we want and we know how we do it.

Our planet simply cannot afford to go in the wrong direction anymore.

Let this be a challenge to all of us, as we face the climate crisis.


Take action: Tweet President Noynoy Aquino to demand renewable energy to power our future