Earth Day Selfie Challenge

Feature story - April 15, 2014
There hasn’t been a more accurate embodiment of destructive growth than a typical city – a big polluting machine with a ravenous appetite for natural resources.

Fortunately, our leaders and investors are realizing that such a contraption won’t hold, especially not against challenges of a changing climate and a rapidly growing population. Slowly they’re moving away from the old approach to development, that is, of present progress happening at the expense of future generations.

But going all-out for a green future isn’t just a task for our global leaders; it has everything to do with our everyday choices, too.

This Earth Day 2014, we’re interested to know what you’re doing to transform your city into a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable one.

Share with us your daily eco-friendly habits by following these easy steps:

1. Take a snapshot of yourself doing an eco-friendly habit
2. Go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr
3. In the caption, include a short description of your photo with the hashtag #EarthDayEverydayPH
4. Post the photo!

You can post as many pics as you want until 12 noon of April 22, 2014. Just make sure to follow the instructions to get a chance to score these awesome goodies!