Million Acts of Blue

A toolkit for a plastic-free future

Feature story - April 26, 2018
We are calling on people around the world to create a “Million Acts of Blue” — actions to push retailers, corporations and businesses to reduce single-use plastic.

It is going to take commitments both large and small to tackle the scale of the current plastic pollution crisis, and we all have a role to play. Every action to reduce single-use plastics sends a message to the industry that it’s time to change. We can no longer allow products that are used for a few seconds to pollute our planet for a lifetime.

You can download the toolkit here.

As part of the Break Free From Plastic movement, we believe in a world where the land, sky, oceans, and water are home to an abundance of life, not an abundance of plastic, and where the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat is free of toxic by-products of plastic pollution. Our movement needs to be ambitious, smart, and flexible in order to rise to opportunities for change and make this vision a reality. Your passion, collective intelligence, and participation will make that possible.