Global day of action - 2008

Feature story - December 9, 2008
People across the world took to the streets for a Global Day of Action on Saturday, to tell the governments meeting in Poznan, Poland for crucial UN climate negotiations, that the world is watching them.

A human banner that reads: "Aksi Untuk Iklim" (Action for Climate) is displayed by activists from Indonesia, during the Global Day of Action on Climate Change.

Greenpeace volunteers in 23 countries from Australia to Italy to Mexico to the Philippines to Turkey to the US joined or led a series of protests, demonstrations and outreach events to ensure that Ministers arriving in Poznan  listen to the will of their citizens, and get serious about climate action. Here's a video of the action day in Poznan itself.

"The world is watching governments in Poznan" said Mareike Britten, Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner. "Saturday's actions clearly show that people across the world recognise that it's time for governments to get serious about climate action."

From a flash mob of people in swimming gear in Amsterdam, to protests in Red Square, Moscow to banner messages on Aztec pyramids in Mexico, to installing solar panels in Thailand, and giving a solar powered Parol (a Filipino Christmas lantern) to the Philippine senate, to a giant postcards reading "Dear World Leaders, we are ready to save the climate" in Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, to a boat protest on the Ganga River in India, our map below highlights key Greenpeace activities across the world.

Take action! The global day of action is over, but it's not too late for you tell your government you are watching them. Join activists from around the world by uploading your photo to be projected at the Poznan meetings.

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Tell governments the World is Watching

Join activists from around the world by uploading your photo to be projected at this year's UN meeting on Climate Change. Let the government leaders know that the World is Watching what happens at this year's meeting.

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