Green my Apple gossip

Feature story - February 14, 2007
All the popular people get lots of mail on Valentine's Day. But Apple boss Steve Jobs has been getting messages for a while from Apple fans asking for a green Apple. Now news reaches us that Steve may just be considering sending a little green love back.

Come on Steve - we want one in green!

Apple's products contain toxic chemicals and they don't have a global recycling policy. While other competitors like Dell and HP have started to clean up their act, Apple has not been showing much love for the Earth.

However today's hot news on the green gossip grapevine is that Steve Jobs met this week with a Social Responsibility Fund Investor to discuss Apple's environment record. Like all good gossip, exact details remain secret. But the very fact that our main man Steve had a 'green' meeting shows that your messages for a greener Apple are getting through.

There's nothing public yet from Apple so you need to keep asking for a greener Apple. But Dutch Apple Spokesperson Juriaan Bosman may also have been dropping a hint when he recently said:

"We are sticking to our strategy, but we don't rule out that at some moment our strategy will synchronise with what Greenpeace wants"
(Bright Magazine, Feb/March 2007)

Will Steve make some minor improvements just to try and keep up with HP and Dell, or amaze us and make Apple the green leader? That all depends on how much desire for a greener Apple you spread.

So spread the love!

Love isn't just for Valentines Day. That's our story and we're sticking to it as we present you with our somewhat tardy Valentine's Day Apple E-Card. Send it to all those Apple Lovers in your address book and spread the green love: no matter what day it is.

Our volunteers have been out at Apple stores in Denmark, Finland and Sweden to hand out free organic green apples to spread the word.

Other Mac fans have been showing how much they desire a green Apple by giving their Mac a hug

Since all Valentine's messages end with a wish, here's how Steve can fulfil the wishes of thousands of Mac fans for a greener Apple:

  • All new Apple product ranges to be free from the worst toxic chemicals.
  • Provide a global take back and reuse/recycling service for all Apple products, irrespective of where they are sold.

Come on Steve, make all our green Apple wishes come true.