Green my (Big) Apple

Feature story - December 15, 2006
'Tis the season for stockings stuffed with ipods, and Macs nestled under the tree. But this holiday Steve Jobs has the chance to play Santa by making Apple green.

The iconic Apple store on 5th Avenue in New York is bathed in green light to highlight that Apple should go green.

Unfortunately Apple products still contain toxic chemicals and it doesn't have a global recycling policy. While other competitors like Dell and HP have cleaned up their act Apple has been playing the environmental scrooge.

Well, there's no place like New York to light up the night with a holiday wish. More than 60 activists took to the streets of New York to turn Apple's iconic 5th Avenue store green, while thousands of busy holiday shoppers looked on. Our holiday wish list is simple. All we want from Steve Jobs is a green Apple.

While we changed Apple green for the night it's your turn to help turn Apple green for good. We've asked for a greener Apple in London, Amsterdam and New York but now its up to you.

Shine a green spotlight on Apple

We know a force that Apple listens to, and which can make Apple adopt clean production policies and improve its recycling programmes. It's Apple's customers. Apple listens to the people who buy their product: it's one of the things we all love about them.  If you're a Mac or iPod user, join the growing ranks of Apple users telling Steve Jobs to go green. 

Here's a few of the ways they are asking:

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Come on, Steve. Give the planet a present.

Take Action

Tell Steve your holiday wish is a green Apple.

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