Greenpeace and GCCA partners stage musical noise barrage for the climate

Feature story - December 12, 2009
Greenpeace and other organizations under the “tiktoktiktok” (“tcktcktck” in some countries) movement today staged activities all over the globe to call on world leaders for a fair, ambitious and binding (FAB) deal at the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Greenpeace and other organizations under the "tiktoktiktok" ("tcktcktck" in some countries) movement unfurled a banner saying "Time is Running Out, Climate Action now" in front of Quezon City Hall on Saturday morning during a musical noise barrage as part of Global Day of Action activities worldwide.

This year's Global Day of Action is the largest ever mobilization planned. Here in the Philippines, the day was kicked off at the Quezon City Hall's Risen Garden at 7:00AM, with the opening of an exhibit of energy efficient, solar-powered gadgets by the Solar Generation, Greenpeace's youth arm. Participants also "signed" with their handprints a freedom wall telling leaders in Copenhagen that "The World Wants A Real Deal".

By 9:00AM, the 300-odd people gathered at the Risen Garden brought out their musical instruments or noise-makers to hold a musical noise barrage, with Kali drummer Paul Zialcita and the Aqua Drummers keeping time, while a huge banner that said "Time is running out:CLIMATE ACTION NOW!" was unfurled by the group. The crowd was then entertained by multi-awarded musician Noel Cabangon who sang a few songs, including his original about climate change, "Umuulan sa Tag-Araw, Umaaraw sa Tag-Ulan."

At 12:00nn, the crowd regrouped at the SM City North Edsa Cinema for the special GDA screening of the movie "Age of Stupid," which stars award-winning actor Pete Postlethwaite as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching archive footage from 2008 and asking: "why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?"

In the afternoon, fellow Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA)-member organization, WWF held a mural painting activity at the Marikina Riverbanks Center to show people simple ways to mitigate climate impacts through energy efficiency and other lifestyle changes. In the evening, a concert called TikTokRock was staged also at Riverbanks by GCCA-,member organization, Oxfam, to highlight the call for a FAB deal in Copenhagen.

"This year's GDA is critical since it coincides with probably the most important climate negotiations in the history of the world," says Amalie Obusan, Climate & Energy Campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia. "We have to pressure the world's leaders to come out of Copenhagen with a successful treaty and not just a political agreement."

Obusan elaborates that success in Copenhagen will be measured on three broad criteria:

  • Will the treaty be fair? That would require rich, industrialized nations to accept their carbon debt and historic responsibility. It would mean providing funding to help the developing world to both adapt to and mitigate the already inevitable impacts of a warming world.
  • Will it be ambitious? That means global emissions of greenhouse gases peak by 2015, with industrialized countries agreeing 40 percent emissions by 2020 and moving away from business-as-usual.
  • Will it be legally binding? The history of U.N. talks is littered with political deals not worth the carbon or airfare they cost to negotiate.

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