"Obama" vows to end climate crisis

Greenpeace calls on the real Obama to show audacious leadership on global warming

Feature story - September 18, 2009
In a “historic announcement” delivered from the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, “President Obama” has vowed to end the climate crisis by committing to legally binding, timely and deep emissions reductions that are ambitious, equitable and fair. “Obama” also committed to funding for mitigation and adaptation, and has pledged billions in funds to save forests.

Faux-bama, Ilhan Anas, an Indonesian look-alike of United States President Barack Obama, holds a poster of the Greenpeace Chang(e) Caravan

The short but momentous speech was the declaration that climate change activists around the world have been waiting for-except that it was delivered by 'Faux-bama' and not Obama:  Ilham Anas, 34, is an Indonesian look-alike of the US President. His speech was delivered in a creative action organized by Greenpeace Southeast Asia as part of the global Tcktcktck activities to call on world leaders to act on climate change, ahead of the climate session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) this September 22. The real President Obama will make an address at the UNGA, while the 'Faux-bama' address was aimed at securing his attendance at the UN Climate Summit in December which is not yet confirmed.


Real Obama for Copenhagen!

President Obama and other world leaders have an opportunity to show climate leadership at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December. It is the best chance we have to avoid runaway climate change and the devastating consequences - world leaders must agree to a just and binding deal that will create significant reductions in world emissions and halt deforestation.

The 'Faux-bama' speech is just one of many activities aimed at drawing attention to the need for world leaders to attend the UN Climate Summit. Greenpeace Southeast Asia is also leading the Chang(e) Caravan, a march for change by people and elephants that have been rehabilitated by the Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund. The Caravan is traversing Thailand's Central Plains to tell the story of climate change impacts on communities there, and by doing so increase the pressure on world leaders to act on climate change. Learn more about the Chang(e) Caravan and 'Faux-bama' on Greenpeace Southeast Asia's blog.

"Few challenges facing the world are more urgent than combating climate change. Many of you are working to confront this challenge. I am committed to working on this with you. I will attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit. I will ensure an ambitious, fair and binding global climate treaty. I will make funds available for climate mitigation and adaptation, starting with funds to protect the remaining forests. This is our chance to build a new future for our children. I will not let this moment pass us by."

-from speech delivered by 'Faux-bama' in Bangkok, Thailand 

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