Samui Incinerator - What a Waste!

Feature story - October 16, 2002
Once they said it's state of the art, now the incinerator that's oddly constructed in the world famous tropical paradise called Samui Island in Surat Thani province is crumbling on its own crap.

With millions of baht in annual losses, it's no wonder that Thai-French company Palcon-Montaney, manager of this facility, quietly abandoned the incinerator at the hands of CUB Co Ltd, a Thai company, to carry on the operations. Not that the latter really has something to work on - the incinerator manages to gather a measly 60 tons of trash a day that, for a long time, it could not justify running its two highly expensive burners daily and at full capacity.

How ironic. When the municipal government and the Public Works Dept. rushed in their thoughtless approval of this incinerator, they projected that the facility, which can burn up to 140 tons of trash daily, would generate money and electricity. Nowadays, the incinerator sits in the middle of island slowly rotting (and getting tanned) under Samui's beautiful sunshine.

It was supposed to be an angel sent by the cunning NKK Co Ltd from Tokyo, the capital of cancer causing dioxin, to provide answers to the trash problems of Samui. Instead it has a become a monster gobbling up 50 million baht of taxpayers money in yearly subsidy.

What should we say: a toast to the newest shrine of taxpayers' tragedy?

The numbers are ugly. View this updated PROFILE of the incinerator in Samui. Then try SHUTTING it down. Or know the things they NEVER tell you about incinerators.