Warning shot fired against peaceful protesters in Philippines

Feature story - July 21, 2002
The action that Greenpeace took against the Sual coal plant in Pangasinan on Sunday 21 July, brought people from around the world together to demand 'No More Coal.' Activists from Greenpeace UK joined the action to demonstrate the shameful way that the UK Government funds climate chaos around the world by providing financial assistance to UK firms to build plants like Sual in countries thousands of miles from home.

When Greenpeace climbers boarded a ship off-loading coal at the plant, and locked themselves onto the crane displaying a huge banner reading 'Clean Energy Now', they sent a clear message to the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair - stop supporting fossil fuel developments in developing countries, switch to climate-friendly renewable energy instead. They were joined by activists in inflatable boats, flying 'Choose Positive Energy' flags and waving a banner which condemned the support that the UK Government provides to the fossil industry, saying 'Tony Blair - Exporting Climate Change.'

For climate campaigners in the UK this is exactly the sort of message we need - people in the developing world should have a choice about the energy that they use, especially as they will experience the worst impacts of climate change. It is an outrage that Governments from the richest countries in the world continue to dump dirty technologies in the developing world. There has not been a new coal plant built in the UK since 1972. If coal is not good enough for people in the UK then it is not good enough for people in the Philippines.

Greenpeace actions like the one at Sual cut straight to the point and show there is a clear choice to be made if we are to save the world from the devastating impacts of climate change. But the action was just the start of what promises to be an exciting two-month 'Choose Positive Energy' tour around South East Asia by the Greenpeace boat, MV Arctic Sunrise.

The Choose Positive Energy Tour is part of Greenpeace's countdown to the Earth Summit held in Johannesburg next month. Greenpeace is campaigning for governments to make a commitment at the Johannesburg Earth Summit, to provide clean and affordable renewable energy to the two billion people around the world who currently live without electricity, and for OECD governments to move 20% of their energy investments to renewables. During the coming weeks the Choose Positive Energy Tour will illustrate that renewable energy is ready and able to replace dirty coal, oil, gas and nuclear power - not only in the future but today.