Wind Turbines Rise in Ban Krut and Bo Nok

Feature story - October 1, 2002
Greenpeace Southeast Asia has completed the installation of wind turbine systems for the communities of Bo Nok and Ban Krut following the campaign by MV Arctic Sunrise, one of Greenpeace's shipping vessels, to promote the use of clean renewable energy in Thailand.

The people of Bo Nok and Ban Krut have, for more than 8 years, vehemently opposed the government's plan to build two coal-fired power plants in their homeland.

The wind turbine installed for each of these two communities have the capacity to generate a maximum of 400 watts, and works at wind speeds of at least 8 kilometers per hour (kph). The two coastal communities are capable of producing wind-generated electricity because it is windy there all year long.

The blade of the wind turbine is attached to a strong iron pole (3 inch in width x 20 metes in height) which in turn is supported by guy wires on four directions for added strength and stability. This wind turbine will start working when there is enough wind speed and the blade is against the direction of the wind. The electricity generated by the turbine is stored in a battery which is connected to the switch controlling the whole system. Another switch is provided for charging the battery. From the storage box (where electricity is stored) electrical wires stretch out to connect to the lamps that light the public pathways.

The communities of Bo Nok and Ban Krut are now enjoying the benefits of clean energy produced in their own neighborhood.

In late August, Greenpeace volunteers, with help of community members from both Bo Nok and Ban Krut, started the installation work on the wind turbines. Once the people involved saw the wind turbines at work, they realized that clean renewable energy really exists, and that the government and general public should support the move towards this kind of energy source.

After the successful installation, the communities will take care of the wind turbines by themselves, assured that the cost of maintaining the systems for long term use is almost non-existent.

Greenpeace supports the choice of the people of Bo Nok and Ban Krut to promote clean energy and stop global warming. Greenpeace also wants to be part of the historical fight of the people of Prachaub Kiri Khan to stop the planned coal-fired power plants in their province.

The wind turbine installation is part of the Greenpeace Choose Positive Energy tour of South East Asia with the ship MV Arctic Sunrise. Throughout the tour, the ship's crew, the staff from the Greenpeace office of Southeast Asia and other Greenpeace offices have worked with local communities in Thailand and the Philippines to fight the development of dirty, polluting energy and promote clean renewable energy.