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Feature story | August 6, 2003 at 6:00

The Brazilian indigenous peoples, the Deni, today celebrated the completion of the demarcation of their land with traditional songs and dance after more than 18 years of campaigning. The ceremony, organized by the Deni's patarahu (chiefs), took...

Interactive map of Canada's Boreal forest

Generic multimedia item | September 22, 2003 at 7:00

Canada's boreal forest contains the largest intact ancient forests on Earth -- an ecosystem that took millions of years to evolve and which is home to grizzly bear, caribou, wolverines, and timber wolves. Why would anyone clearcut such forests...

World governments must stop destruction of forest and marine life

Feature story | January 9, 2004 at 7:00

Greenpeace today made an urgent call to delegates attending the Summit for Life on Earth, the UN meeting on the Convention of Biological Diversity beginning here today, to protect life on earth in all its diversity by providing money for...

Arts and Music Festival for Ancient Forests becomes new attraction on Children's Day

Feature story | January 10, 2004 at 7:00

Children's Day is normally about toys, balloons and candy for kids. This year, however, Thai children had more than just fun.


Image | January 10, 2004 at 7:00


Image | January 10, 2004 at 7:00


Image | January 10, 2004 at 7:00

Bush policy on America's ancient forests

Generic multimedia item | January 11, 2004 at 7:00

This animation sums up the Bush administration's policy on ancient forests -- and it isn't 'healthy.'

The Sauron White House

Feature story | January 12, 2004 at 7:00

A dark leader of armies stares into a crystal globe that glows with a fiery, lidless eye, his mind bent to the will of an evil that seeks power above all else. His orders: destroy an ancient wilderness of majestic and mysterious trees, for the...

Protect Life on Earth today

Publication | January 18, 2004 at 8:00

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