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Philippines - seen and heard

Feature story | September 3, 2006 at 6:00

During the Esperanza's tour of the Philippines our crew bore witness to shocking environmental tragedy. But we were also impressed by the resolve of people here to protect their marine resources for the benefit of future generations, and we were...


Blog entry by Chuck Baclagon | September 28, 2009 8 comments

a photo of our house surrounded by floodwater Note: I was supposed to publish this yesterday but the power in our area went out and was not able to get back until this morning, but I was not able to get online due to the many...

Share your Typhoon Ondoy story

Blog entry by Chuck Baclagon | September 29, 2009 4 comments

We'd like to hear your stories ... 6:46 AM murasaki - let's help one another for the cause of our world [: 6:46 AM murasaki - let's help one another for the cause of our world [: 5:05 AM Riczzyab - I think God really...

Solar Generation helps me make a difference

Blog entry by itchywitch | October 1, 2009

From Solar Generation-Pilipinas At nine o’clock in the morning my phone rang. It was Krissie, a journalist who had been contacting me all the way from Australia. She had a radio show and she wanted to interview me. INTERVIEW.

Earth Hour and the value of symbols in catalyzing action against climate change

Blog entry by Chuck Baclagon | March 29, 2010 6 comments

A group of parishioners in traditional dresses join the celebration of the Earth Hour program in Malate Church, together with the volunteers from the community and the environment group Greenpeace. Earth Hour started in...

The Rainbow Warrior’s first visit to the Philippines

Blog entry by Mitch Rosal | November 24, 2010

February 2000--Hearts were filled with anticipation at the Manila harbour as people were waiting for the arrival of the Greenpeace flagship. It was going to be her first visit in the country and we knew she was going to stand for hope...

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