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Solace for Freedom Island

Blog entry by Vince Cinches | February 11, 2013

Our cultural narrative as Filipinos is closely linked to the seas. Thus, it cannot be gainsaid that when we cut mangroves, kill corals and exploit marine life, we are taking away parts of ourselves—making us incomplete, as individuals,...


Blog entry by Chuck Baclagon | December 7, 2006

Hello from Laos. This is a belated birthday greeting (almost two months past but not late -- I did greet my good friend...) and also a strange title, but I think it would have been sillier to use "Peeking at Pecking" as the lead to a...

Winged-Residents of Taytay Falls

Blog entry by Chuck Baclagon | March 25, 2009 1 comment

After several years, I was very excited to again visit Taytay Falls and behold its unique ecosystem and residents. Five birders took part in Greenpeace's World Water Day . Arriving at the parking lot of the site at around 7:30am we...

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