The Rainbow Warrior

She's been bombed, impounded, rammed by government ships, raided by police... and loved by millions of people.

The Rainbow Warrior is perhaps the most famous Greenpeace campaign ship.
The vessel's name was inspired by a North American Indian prophecy which foretells a time when human greed will make the Earth sick, and a mythical band of warriors will descend from a rainbow to save it.

The current Rainbow Warrior was launched on 10 July 1989. The original vessel (Rainbow Warrior I) was bombed in 1985 by French government secret agents in an attempt to foil protests of their nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific. The plan backfired, sparking worldwide outrage, and the rebuilt ship proved that "you can't sink a rainbow." A new ship (Rainbow Warrior II) returned to battle, successfully
ending the French nuclear testing programme.

The Rainbow Warrior has had a long and colorful history of campaigning for positive change for the planet.


Its decks have been graced by celebrities, religious leaders, royalty and rock bands. She has challenged legal systems and won, confronted environmental crimes, relocated the population of a South Pacific Island contaminated by radiation, provided disaster relief to victims of the 2004 Tsunami in South East
Asia, sailed against whaling, war, climate change and other environmental crimes on every ocean of the world.

Turn the Tide – Rainbow Warrior’s Tour of Southeast Asia

From September to December 2010, the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior is sailing to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines for the Turn the Tide – Rainbow Warrior’s tour of Southeast Asia.

This year, the Rainbow Warrior is calling for change through action. Climate change is the greatest threat that our region and the whole world faces today. And each one of us can be part of the solution.

During her voyage, the Rainbow Warrior will promote climate change solutions by showcasing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines – and expose how coalfired power plants and deforestation are worsening the global problem of climate change.

The Rainbow Warrior will urge governments to take immediate and decisive action to combat climate change – and is calling on people to help make that positive change happen.

Turn the Tide – Rainbow Warrior’s tour of Southeast Asia will be packed with adventure and exciting events. The tour will feature on-board and quayside activities, exhibits, concerts, and classic high-profile Greenpeace campaigns in various stops around the region.

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