#SaveTheArctic with a tweet

Page - September 13, 2012
Give a tweet to save the Arctic!

In August 2012, Arctic sea ice melted to a new record low, beating the 2007 record: only 4.10 million sq km. savethearctic.org


Sometime in the near future, the Arctic Ocean could become ice-free for the first time in human History. Take Action! SaveTheArctic.org


The Arctic is the world's refrigerator: the white ice keeps the temperature cool and reflects sunlight. SaveTheArctic.org


#savethearctic! Oil companies have their eyes set on the Arctic. You can stop them: SaveTheArctic.org


Thinner Arctic sea ice is a big problem for polar bears: they cannot hunt on thin ice, they will just fall through. SaveTheArctic.org


A mother bear had to swim a record-breaking 687 km in search of sea ice to hunt in 2011 - and her cub didn't survive. SaveTheArctic.org


At a point in July 2012, 97% of the surface ice in Greenland was melting. #savethearctic SaveTheArctic.org


There is so much water in the Greenland ice sheet that if it melted fully, sea level would rise by more than 7 meters. SaveTheArctic.org


Almost 2 million people from around the world have joined the #SaveTheArctic movement. Join us: SaveTheArctic.org


Oil companies has shown their destruction power in the Gulf of Mexico. Will you let them do the same in the Arctic?SaveTheArctic.org