The Climate Justice movement across the globe

Page - August 19, 2015
More communities and people’s organizations are now demanding cuts in carbon emissions and support for adaptation programs from those who are historically responsible for the climate crisis. And they are gaining ground. Initiatives for climate accountability have also been tried in recent years, and victories from these struggles are providing rays of hope and encouragement.
  • In a landmark ruling, the Dutch court ruled in favor of Urgenda and nearly 900 Dutch citizens and ordered the Netherlands to reduce carbon emissions to protect its citizens from climate change. The rights of future generations were also recognized.
  • In Washington state, teens won an interim climate lawsuit. The judge ordered the Washington State Department of Ecology to consider statewide reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. One of the teen petitioners explained that: “Kids understand the threats climate change will have on our future. I’m not going to sit by and watch my government do nothing. We don’t have time to waste. I’m pushing my government to take real action on climate, and I won’t stop until change is made," said 13-year old Zoe Foster.

  • In Belgium, a similar climate case will be filed against the government by citizens because they “want to safeguard the future of our children, our environment and our economy.”

  • A Peruvian farmer is demanding that RWE, a German energy company, pay him compensation for its role in contributing to climate change. The farmer believes has been “acutely threatened” by a glacial lake that could burst its banks.

  • In the Pacific, the climate warriors are rising to keep fossil fuels in the ground, with a message: “We are not drowning. We are fighting.”

  • In Pakistan, a farmer petitioned the Green Bench of the Lahore High Court asking it to order the government to protect the citizens from climate change. The Court declared that the government’s “delay and lethargy” in implementing the Framework for Implementation of Climate Change Policy “offends the fundamental rights of the citizens which need to be safeguarded.”

  • Senior women are ready to sue the Swiss government, which they believe is doing far too little on to prevent hazardous climate change. These women are acutely vulnerable to climate-fuel heatwaves. They believe the federal government is failing to protect their basic constitutional rights and the guarantees in the European Convention on Human Rights by not implementing greenhouse gas emissions goals to stop climate warming at a maximum of 2°C as adviced by the best science. The senior women are also looking to the future. Elisabeth Joris, one of the claimants, said, "My grandchildren should have a good life."

The Climate Justice movement is growing and gaining ground. Soon, many others will follow suit in the fight to reclaim the climate and ensure humanity's own survival. Join us now!