Asia Pulp and Paper is using ILLEGAL rainforest timber at their pulp mill!

Major companies like Xerox, Danone and many more, are using APP paper - tell them all to act now:



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Ramin trees are an internationally protected species and come from Indonesia’s peat swamp forests, which are home to another endagered species: the Sumatran tiger. Only 400 remain in the wild.

Act with us: tell these companies to stop doing business with APP until they clean up their act!

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), one of the world's largest producers of pulp and paper, has been caught red-handed with an internationally protected species, ramin, at their main pulp mill in Indonesia.

This violates Indonesian laws governing the logging and trade in this protected species and shows that APP's public claim to have "zero tolerance for illegal timber" is yet more inaccurate greenwash.

Ramin grows in peatland swamp forests - which are also habitat for the endangered Sumatran tiger, only 400 remain in the wild. Inside forest concessions now controlled by APP areas of peatland swamp forest twice the size of New York City have been cleared since 2001 - when logging in ramin was officially banned.

The following major companies around the world are implicated in APP's illegal -timber scandal, because they are buying products from APP that contains rainforest fibre: