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Tata to the Turtles?

Page - February 18, 2009

killed by the Tatas? 
Sea turtles have been nesting on India's Orissa coast for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Within this decade they could be gone.

India's Tata family decided this part of the coast could not be left in its pristine state but would be 'benefited' by building one of India's largest ports at Dhamra. This is less than 15 km. from the turtle mass nesting beaches at Gahirmatha, and just five kilometres from the Bhitarkanika National Park, India's second largest mangrove forest and home to the saltwater crocodile, aside from other lesser known natural wonders.

Not surprisingly, the plan immediately met with considerable protest from conservation circles.

Join Greenpeace India's fight to tell the Tatas to close the port. The simple demand is that the port project be shelved, at the very least until a comprehensive study has been conducted to assess the port's impacts on the ecology of this fragile area.

This is needed as the only "assessment" done for the project is over 10 years old, replete with errors and omissions and has no scientific credibility. The project has also invited heavy criticism from over 200 national and international scientists, including over 30 experts of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's marine turtle specialist group. 

Don't say Tata to the Turtles: Take action now!