Pledge to save the oceans

Greenpeace is striving to end illegal and pirate fishing, reduce fishing efforts, and establish marine reserves throughout the Pacific.

All of us together have the power to defend our oceans, sign up and write your pledge on the space provided below to signify your commitment to doing your part for healthy oceans.


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Pledge to save our oceans


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You have the power to protect our oceans

The oceans should be everyone’s concern. We need to take action to conserve and protect what’s left of our marine resources while at the same time working to change the systems and practices that cause its present destruction.

There is an urgent need for a broad movement of people, groups, and communities to work together to defend our oceans now. Join the fight for our common future.

Here are a few ways you can pledge to do to save Philippine seas:

  1. I pledge to reduce, reuse recycle so that my wastes do not end up in the ocean.
  2. I pledge to help rehabilitate mangroves by participating in mangrove planting activities.
  3. I pledge to organize educational activities in my community to help protect Philippine coastal ecosystems.
  4. I pledge to report illegal and destructive fishing activities.
  5. I pledge to eat sustainably-caught fish.