Time and tuna are running out

Page - November 6, 2008
The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) is responsible for managing one of the most important fisheries in the Mediterranean, bluefin tuna. Yet the bluefin tuna fishery has been driven to the brink of collapse by years of overfishing.The situation is now completely out of control and the bluefin tuna fishery must be closed immediately.

Unless serious steps are taken now we will witness the collapse of one of the most important and profitable fisheries of our time together with the decimation of one of the ocean's champion species. This will also result in the disintegration of a way of life for the fishermen of the region who are dependent on this ecosystem for their livelihoods.

Scientists estimate that the amount of northern bluefin tuna being caught in the East Atlantic and Mediterranean amounts to twice the legal quota and four times over sustainable levels that would eventually allow tuna to recover!

To save this irreplaceable treasure of the Mediterranean we need to ensure that ICCAT supports the immediate closure of the bluefin tuna fishery at their upcoming meeting in Morroco (November 17th-24th). The countries pushing this species towards extinction the most - are France, Italy and Spain. And they continue to allow their fishing fleets to plunder the northern bluefin tuna breeding grounds in the Mediterranean Sea. 

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