Meet the Tokyo Two

Page - February 22, 2010
While hundreds of millions around the world have spoken out against whaling, Junichi and Toru are the only two currently facing prison time for working to expose the industry's corruption. Here's a little more about them...

Junichi Sato

Oceans Campaign Director

Greenpeace Japan


A husband and father, Junichi (31) often spends his weekends hiking to nearby Mt. Takao with his son. Junichi speaks of providing an opportunity to children of the future to be awed by Earth's grandnature.

Joining Greenpeace in 2001 as a campaigner working on toxic materials, he has worked to promote "Zero Waste" in Japan, and was instrumental in the landmark Zero Waste Declaration adopted by the town of Kamikatsu, in Tokushima prefecture, which aimed to eliminate waste by 2020.

Since then, he has acted as Greenpeace Japan's Campaign Director and now the Director of the Oceans Campaign to promote sustainable coastal fisheries in Japan and an end to so-called research whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Read Junichi's last blog before his arrest.

Toru Suzuki

Greenpeace Japan


Toru (41) is married and has a two-year-old daughter. He joined Greenpeace because he was "really impressed that there were so many good people" involved. Toru supports the whales campaign because "simply, I think whaling should end now. A year ago, I was a new Greenpeace volunteer helping out when our ship the Esperanza was coming to Yokohama. I began to understand the whaling issue, and felt that whaling is going to end in 1-2 years".

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