Tokyo Two: Online March for Justice

Page - August 21, 2010
Greenpeace anti-whaling activists Toru Suzuki and Junichi Sato (the "Tokyo Two") have been facing trial for nearly two years in Japan and now a verdict will be announced on Monday September 6th.

In 2008, Junichi and Toru exposed a scandal involving government corruption entrenched within the tax-payer funded Japanese whaling industry. They are on trial for theft and trespass, and the prosecutor has asked they be jailed for one year and six months.

It is not just Junichi and Toru's liberty that is at stake here - it is the fundamental right to peacefully investigate and expose corruption, to challenge authority and to do so without fear of persecution.

The Tokyo Two have received a suspended sentence – wholly disproportionate result given they acted in the public interest to save whales.

Watch this space today for updates, and read key facts heard during the trial.

(Monday, September 06, 2010)

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Since Junichi and Toru's arrest two years ago over half a million people have expressed their support. Now that a verdict is coming - we need your voice again more than ever. Join our online march for justice: send a message of support for the Tokyo Two, tag it with #whaletrial, and ask others to join you!

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