India's forests need you!

Mr Prime Minister Singh, I want you to stop allocating new coal blocks and clearing more forests for coal mining until this scam is investigated and there is a clear demarcation of areas where mining shouldn’t be allowed.


Thank you for wanting to take action on Saving Forests. This particular action has ended.

Junglistan Logo Forest vs Coal which side are YOU on?

Help stop the Indian government from cutting down giant areas of forest in Central India to get the coal that lies beneath.

What’s at stake:

  • Tigers - 35% of the 1700 tigers left in the wild live in Central India.
  • Forest communities – Millions of Indians depend on the forests of Central India for their livelihood and culture.
  • Environment - Cutting down forests and burning the coal that lies underneath will release large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere. This will heat up the atmosphere and threaten all life on Earth as the climate changes unpredictably.

In a week’s time, the Prime Minister will be addressing the entire world at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). He will be talking about conservation and that’s when Greenpeace will show him that over 200,000 people want him to actually save the country’s forests. The coming few days are crucial in this struggle, and we need to gather as much support as we can to protect these forests.

200,000 needed
134244 signed