Meeting with DA Sec. Proceso Alcala

Go an extra mile in this fight against GMO invasion by sending a message to the Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and tell him that you want safe and GMO-free food.

Complete the details below and we'll send the letter for you:


This action has ended. Please check out more online actions here.

Give DA Sec. Proceso Alcala a call / text / fax / Facebook message by simply following the instructions:

Visit this link to identify which contact method you can reach the DA:

For phone calls:
Call any of the following numbers (632) 928-8762 to 65 loc. 2210/2209/2245

Direct line: (02) 920-4369 (632) 920-3986 (632) 920-2223

Use the following messages as starting points of your conversation:
"As a concerned Filipino citizen I would like to set an appointment to meet with your good office to know of your department's stance in relation to genetically modified organisms (GMOs)."

"I have heard of the news of the recent Supreme Court decision granting a Writ of Kalikasan to stop field trials of genetically modified eggplant in the country, as a Filipino I am concerned about the food I eat and the technology that is released in our environment. In line with that I would like to inquire with your office on the possible alternatives that your department can offer to GMOs."

"I would like to set an appointment with your office because I wish to understand your views on how the continued field testing and commercial approvals being allowed by the Bureau of Plant Industry fits with the Department’s long-term agricultural policy anchored on the implementation of the Organic Agriculture Act of the Philippines."

"Is it possible for someone like me to know where the Department of Agriculture exactly stands on Genetically Modified Organisms? Because I’ve read news about the Supreme Court’s decision to stop field trials in the Philippines. Perhaps you could share about your stance on the issue of genetically modified organisms."

For mobile phone, write a short SMS message based on the lines written above and send it to 0918-9512346.

For Facebook, visit this page and send any of the above lines and send as a message to Sec. Alcala’s Facebook page.