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The state of Manila Bay reflects the challenges besetting the Philippine seas. Illegal waste disposal facilities like Pier 18 contribute largely to the pollution that contaminates the bay.

Tell the Philippine government to ensure immediate clean-up of Manila Bay by shutting down all existing dumps within its coastlines.  arrows
I want Manila Bay
to be free of dumpsites
Save Manila Bay # shutthedump

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Scientific demoManila Bay hosts the Philippines’ most spectacular sunsets. The bay’s beauty is recounted in songs, poems, and stories. Historic battles have been fought and won in this body of water which once teemed with fish and other marine life.
Unfortunately, Manila Bay is now considered one of the most polluted bays in the world. Today the bay is now known as a reeking cesspool of sludge, human sewage, industrial waste and garbage.
Everyday, tons of waste from Manila are brought to Pier 18, which is used as a dumpsite where waste is loaded onto barges before they are dumped in other illegal facilities, from which garbage escapes and scatters to the sea.