Climate Change has no borders

Tell the French President to walk the climate talk!

Page - February 23, 2015
French President François Hollande will be in the Philippines to drum up support in mobilizing the 195 countries to conclude a climate change agreement to reduce carbon emissions before the 21st UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change happening in Paris in December.

Tell French President Hollande to commit to 100% Renewable Energy! 

Pres. @fhollande, we need you to commit to 100% RE. #GoRenewables now for #ClimateJustice!

Pres. @fhollande, you said 'one way to prevent catastrophes is by taking decisions'. It’s time to #GoRenewables; time for #ClimateJustice!

Climate change has no borders. @fhollande, walk the talk, stand with the Filipinos for #ClimateJustice, #GoRenewables now!

#ClimateJustice = 100% RE! #GoRenewables now, Pres. @fhollande!

Delaying real action is delaying #ClimateJustice. #GoRenewables now, Pres. @fhollande!