Greenpeace challenges Adidas and Nike to champion a toxic-free future

Greenpeace challenges Adidas and Nike to remove toxic chemicals from their supply chains and from their products. The demand comes as the result of a year-long investigation into toxic water pollution in China and how the chain of custody tracks back to the Philippines and other markets worldwide.

The “Dirty Laundry” report, launched by Greenpeace today at a press conference, found hazardous chemicals in samples of wastewater discharges taken at two textile processing facilities, Youngor Textile City Complex and Well Dyeing Factory Limited by the Yangtze and Pearl river deltas, both with links to a number of major international and national clothing brands including Adidas, Nike and the Chinese brand Li Ning.  The findings follow the earlier publication of “Hidden Consequences”, which highlighted the impacts of industrial pollution in rivers around the world.

Challenge Nike and adidas to cut the chemicals and detox our water >>

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