Guns, goons and garbage along Manila Bay

Photo | July 26, 2013

Greenpeace activists, aboard rubber inflatable boats, display a banner message saying “This dumpsite is now closed” and “Stop ocean destruction.” The activists earlier secured a mooring line across Pier 18’s sea access, preventing the entry and exit of the dump’s trash barges. Greenpeace and EcoWaste Coalition are calling for the immediate closure of the dump, as well as for its clean-up and rehabilitation. The activity was held during the visit of the Greenpeace ship Esperanza for the “Ocean Defender Tour of Southeast Asia 2013.” The tour aims to tell the story of the richness and the beauty of the Philippine seas, expose destruction that causes marine degradation, and sound the alarm to call for urgent government action to save the Philippine seas from crisis. Filipinos can join the growing movement of people dedicated to saving the seas by signing up at

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