GMOs: You have the right to know!

Video | April 18, 2012

GMOs are organisms into which foreign gene material is inserted, something that would not occur naturally. In this particular case, the foreign material is toxic bacteria (Bt), which kill the pests as they eat the organism. There are claims by producers on the safety benefits; however, all of their claims continue to be scientifically unproven. In fact, an increasing number of independent analyses attest to the inherent risks of genetically engineered ingredients intended for human consumption.

Without any public awareness, the Department of Agriculture (DA) started field trials of genetically engineered Bt eggplant. While DA Secretary Proceso Alcala has already committed to disallow the commercialisation of Bt eggplant; he has not done the right thing by stopping the ongoing field trials in different parts of the Philippines. These field trials expose other crops and the environment to genetic contamination and might open the door to approval and for commercialisation this year for other GMO crops: rice, papaya, tomato, banana and eggplant. 

Greenpeace wants Sec. Alcala to immediately order a halt to the field trials of Bt eggplant and other genetically engineered crops and instead focus on promoting organic and sustainable agriculture.

Get informed. Get involved... because the Philippines is not a testing ground!