Greenpeace, Philippine Dragon Boat Federation paddle up to help save the seas

Press release - June 29, 2013
Manila— Greenpeace and Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) have teamed up for a charity event at Manila Bay which aims to popularize rowing and also help promote awareness about the need to help save the Philippine seas. The event, dubbed “Paddles up!” will be held in Manila Bay this Saturday and Sunday, 29-30 June 2013.

The event is a two-day dragon boating clinic with lectures and demonstrations on the basics of paddling and practical dragon boating exercises. Part of the proceeds from this event will go to Greenpeace and PDBF. Around 100 sports enthusiasts are expected to take part. “Paddles Up!” is the first joint-fundraising activity between Greenpeace and the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation.


The event is part of Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Community Fundraising program. Greenpeace is an independent organization which means it does not accept funds from private corporations, government or political parties, but depends solely on donations from individual supporters from around the world.

Community Fundraising is a way for people and groups to help fundraise for Greenpeace through local charity events. Community fundraising provides a great opportunity for people to get together, have fun and enjoy themselves while at the same time raise valuable funds to help protect the environment.

Since 2010 Community fundraising has been working with individuals, school organizations, special interest groups, and celebrities in various fundraising initiatives. Some of the successful Community fundraising initiatives are the Celebrity Ukay-Ukay of Paolo and Suzi Abrera and the most requested Acoustic Nights with Buhawi Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar.

PDBF is the association that handles the dragon boat teams in the country. Formally organized in February 2003, it aims to promote and develop the dragon boat racing throughout the Philippines, as well as to train dragon boat paddles from grassroots into elite world class athletes.

PDBF is a member of South East Asian Traditional Boat Federation (SEATBF), the Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF) and the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).

Dragon Boat racing is a team rowing sport which originated in China and has been practiced for around 2,000 years. A 45-foot long traditional boat is powered by 20 paddlers and adorned with an elaborate Chinese dragon design. The sport has gained massive popularity in the Philippines in the past decade.

Through the Paddles Up! activity Greenpeace and PDBF aims to enhance the standard of dragon boating, not just as a sport, but also as an avenue to create a movement for change. It aims to help provide paddlers opportunities to help and protect Manila Bay and the marine species that call it home.



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