Greenpeace statement of support for the confirmation of Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary

Press release - March 1, 2017
Manila – Amalie Obusan, Country Director of Greenpeace Philippines, said:

“Greenpeace Philippines adds its voice to the growing number of people, organizations, and communities calling for the confirmation of Regina Paz L. Lopez as Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

“We support the actions that the incumbent has undertaken thus far, especially in the mining sector, where industry giants continuously put our environment and communities in danger, and the agency’s ongoing dismantling of illegal fish pens in Laguna de Bay that threaten our small fishermen. We are hoping that Secretary Lopez’s focus and political will would extend as well to other urgent environmental issues, such as stopping the proliferation of coal; arresting coastal reclamation; the need for a pollution release and transfer registry (PRTR); addressing plastic pollution; wildlife trafficking; waste importation and the ratification of the Basel Ban Amendment; opposing waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies; going after illegal fishers and supporting small fishermen and poor Filipinos; among other concerns.

“We look forward to her fearlessness and fervor expanding to address these other environment challenges as well. But her non-confirmation may put a halt to the progress and achievements already being made by the Department that we have not seen since it was first created. Assigning someone else who does not possess Secretary Lopez’s same resolute drive and commitment may be a step back for the DENR.

“Confirmation of the incumbent Secretary is a matter of both urgency and continuity for environmental reforms, and one sign that the Duterte administration is actually committed to its promise of positive change over the greed of the few that has for many years ravaged the environment and the lives of the Filipino people.”

Media Contact:

Amalie Obusan, Country Director, Greenpeace Southeast Asia – Philippines
| +63 998 587 0336

Angelica Carballo Pago, Media Campaigner, Greenpeace Southeast Asia – Philippines
| +63 949 889 1332