Greenpeace statement on French President François Hollande's State Visit to the Philippines

Press release - February 25, 2015
Manila, Philippines - French President François Hollande’s visit to Manila is seen as doubly historic. This is the first time that a French Head of State will visit the Philippines and will have climate change as his main agenda to drum up support from 195 countries to reach an agreement and take climate action before the 21st UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change happening in Paris in December.

Anna Abad, Climate Justice Campaigner for Greenpeace said:

"President Hollande aims to show to the rest of the world that climate change is real and happening in vulnerable countries like the Philippines, that have a small carbon footprint but are facing the brunt of the climate crisis.

"Today, a Greenpeace electric jeep made its way around the streets of Manila, passed by historic EDSA and other iconic landmarks, to raise awareness on Climate Justice and to help bring 'Climate Power' to the People by calling on President Hollande to take leadership on the biggest humanitarian, environmental and security threat the world faces.

"President Hollande must make the commitment - in his native France and internationally - to phase out fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and instead transition to renewable energy by putting a stop to the social and  climate injustice happening in countries like the Philippines."


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