Clean Energy Investment Plan: DOE falls short on defining coal reduction plan, while ignoring the true cost of coal.

Press release - May 5, 2009
The Clean Energy Investment Plan unveiled by Department of Energy Under-secretary Datu Zamzamin Ampatuan at a recent press briefing proclaims to solve the country’s energy and climate crises and to reduce the share of coal-generated electricity in RP’s total energy generation mix.

Greenpeace Southeast Asia Climate and Energy Campaigner Amalie Obusan asserts:

"Even as the Department of Energy promises to increase its investments in renewable energy, it does not seem to be able to kick its dirty coal habit.  With nine (9) coal-fired power plants that are slated either for construction or expansion, it is unclear how the Clean Energy Investment plan will deliver the Philippines on a path to a low-carbon economy."

"The DOE continues to peddle coal as a cheap source of energy, but continuously ignores its significant impacts. The harm caused by mining and burning coal is not reflected in its price per tonne or what it costs for a kWh of electricity. Greenpeace's own preliminary analysis of the true costs of coal, conducted by the Dutch Research Institute CE Delft, shows that damages attributable to the coal

chain-of-custody amounted to at least €354 billion in 2007. This figure estimates the external costs in 2007 for damages attributable to climate change, human health impacts from air pollution and fatalities due to major mining accidents.  Factoring these costs in the price for coal power would add almost €0.06 (approximately 6 pesos) to a kWh of electricity. "

"The public should be informed of the seemingly contradictory policies within the government and be provided concrete plans and actions. If the DOE is truly firm on its plans to cut back on the country's reliance on coal, then it should explore other renewable energies (i.e. solar, wind, geothermal) to be able to provide a secure and stable energy future for the Philippines."

Other contacts: Amalie Obusan, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Climate and Energy Campaigner, +63 917 823 9248, Paulia Belgado, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Media Campaigner, +63 920950 6877,