“Forest Killer” title handed to Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Press release - December 7, 2006
Greenpeace activists today poured dried leaves and tree branches all over Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s (KLI) headquarters in Jakarta in a symbolic act to return to the company remains of logged trees from Papua. The activists also presented the company a large flower bouquet inscribed with “Congratulations Kayu Lapis Indonesia, Forest Killer in Papua” for operations that totally disregard Indonesia’s logging laws, thus destroying Indonesia’s last ancient forests.

"KLI is responsible for destroying big parts of the last ancient forests in Papua and Kalimantan," said Hapsoro, Forest Campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia. "If no immediate action is taken to stop illegal and destructive logging practices, the future of Indonesia's forests is bleak. The government must urgently prevent the further destruction of our already diminishing forests," he added.

Deforestration rates in Indonesia are among the highest in the world. In 2005, an estimated 2.8 million hectares of forests have been destroyed, according to the Minister of Forestry.

In April 2006, Greenpeace released the report entitled "Forest Crime File: Kayu Lapis Indonesia - Untouchable God of Indonesian Ancient Forest Destruction" containing evidence that KLI and its subsidiaries have been repeatedly involved in illegal logging activities, along with serious violations of Indonesian forestry regulations. Evidence found by Greenpeace were, among others, logging within buffer zones of small waterways and cheating local communities out of agreed royalties. KLI is one of the largest logging and timber processing companies in Papua.

"KLI is killing the forests in Papua. KLI's destructive logging operations should not continue in Papua, or else Indonesia stands to lose its forests forever," Hapsoro added.

Greenpeace earlier asked the Ministry of Forestry to officially audit KLI's operations. One of the audit results showed that KLI had cleared land in order to open new palm oil concessions, which clearly violated governmental regulations.

Greenpeace is an independent, campaigning organization which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions essential to a green and peaceful future. It is committed to protecting the world's last ancient forests and the people and animals that depend upon them.

Other contacts: Hapsoro, Regional Forest Campaigner, +62 81211 08256 Ann Sjamsu, Media Campaigner, +62 855 885 1121 Arie Rostika Utami, Media Assistant, +62 856 885 727

Notes: 1 In total, Indonesia has already lost more than 72% of its intact ancient forest areas and 40% of its forest completely. Large scale industrial logging and illegal logging operations are mainly responsible for this problem. According to official figures, illegal logging was estimated to supply 76% of Indonesia’s timber consumption in 2004. This practice is still ongoing today, and despite tougher law enforcement, will push the level of illegal logging to as high as 80%. 2 PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia is one of the largest logging and timber processing companies in Indonesia. Besides being the largest concession in Papua, KLI also has several subsidiary companies in Kalimantan and large plywood mill in Kendal, Central Java. The major export markets for KLI’s plywood are Japan and USA.