Greenpeace demands Police investigation of Forest Criminal PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Press release - December 22, 2006
Greenpeace today filed a formal complaint against PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia for their forest crimes with the Indonesian Police and demanded a full scale investigation of PT KLI's operations based on the evidence provided in the submission. Today's formal complaint follows a series of public activities by Greenpeace exposing PT Kayu Lapis' role in destroying large tracts of ancient forests of Papua in Indonesia.

"We have evidence that the raw materials used by PTKLI come from illegal sources that destroy forests in Papua. Material suppliers for the company are usually their own subsidiaries operating in several parts in Papua. For instance, in our submission we have pointed that PT Intimpura Timber Co, a subsidiary company under Kayu Lapis Indonesia is responsible for violating the Forestry regulations UU Kehutanan No.41/1999 and Government Regulations No.34/2002," said Hapsoro, Regional Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

"The police must take these violations seriously and should immediately halt all operations of PT Kayu Lapis until thorough investigations are done, since the Ministry of Forestry which is responsible for issuing 'Forest Killer' permits has made no sanctions towards this company, despite all the evidence presented." he added.

Crimes conducted by PT Intimpura Timber Co as reported by Greenpeace are:

a)    cutting down trees in a protected area and having a width of less than 50 meters [violating UU No. 41/1999, article 50 (2), (3c) and (4)]

b)    converting forest in a forest concession area is a violation of regulation PP 34/2002, Bab VI, Article 72 (2, 3, 4 and 5)

In April 2006, Greenpeace released a report entitled "Forest Crime File: Kayu Lapis Indonesia - Untouchable God of Indonesian Ancient Forest Destruction" containing evidence that PT KLI and its subsidiaries have been repeatedly involved in illegal logging activities, along with serious violations of Indonesian forestry regulations. Surprisingly, despite all the evidence presented in this report, the audit conducted by the Ministry of Forestry concluded that no serious violations were found in their operations.

Greenpeace is an independent, campaigning organization which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions essential to a green and peaceful future. It is committed to protecting the world's last ancient forests and the people and animals that depend upon them.

Other contacts: Hapsoro, Regional Forest Campaigner, +62 815 857 19872 Abner Korwa, Papua Forest Campaigner, +62 813 448 466 22 Ann Sjamsu, Media Campaigner, +62 855 885 1121 Arie Rostika Utami, Media Assistant, +62 856 885 7275