Greenpeace statement on El Baradei's endorsement of Indonesian nuclear plans

Press release - December 8, 2006
Ms Emmy Hafild, Executive Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia said: "By endorsing nuclear energy in Indonesia, Mr El-Baradei is contributing to the growing insecurity in the region. As a Nobel Peace Prize awardee, he should know better.

"Nuclear energy is not the answer to energy security for Indonesia. Fact is nuclear power is unsafe. None of the problems related with nuclear power have been resolved, such as disposing of radioactive waste and all the associated risks when placed in an area with

volatile geological structure like Indonesia. Instead, it will only pose danger to Indonesians and other countries.

"In contrast to nuclear power, Indonesia has a real energy choice in renewable energy and energy efficiency which can deliver more quickly and safely.

"Indonesia should take a leading role in developing renewable energy in the region as it is blessed with vast renewable energy sources which await to be explored.

"Greenpeace believes that by maximizing energy efficiency and harnessing renewable energy, the world can supply the energy it needs sustainably, safely and economically - all while averting dangerous climate change.