Greenpeace Statement on Mark Cojuangco's sponsorship speech of HB 6300

Press release - June 4, 2009
Greenpeace today condemned Cong. Mark Cojuangco's underhanded attempt to railroad the passage of the HB 6300 at the Lower House that seeks to commission the obsolete, mothballed and therefore dangerous Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

Greenpeace today marked the anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster with a solemn candle-lighting ceremony to protest the proposed revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP). Calling for safe energy for the Philippines , supporters and volunteers of the environment group lit more than 2,000 candles which spell the words “No Nukes” at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Park, in Quezon City .

Greenpeace Campaigner Francis dela Cruz said:

"Cong. Cojuangco has once again demonstrated that his intentions with HB 6300 cannot be trusted.

"First he wants to revive a defective nuclear plant, ignoring all the risks and dangers that have been identified by experts.  Every single study conducted on the BNPP has concluded that this nuclear facility is unsafe to operate.  Greenpeace has also revealed that even if rehabilitated, the BNPP will not pass the current international safety fundamentals required of nuclear facilities.

"Then he wants to pursue this dangerous track using all means available-trying to railroad a bill that is full of errors. Without the benefit of a study to support it, or proper consultations, HB 6300 is as defective as the BNPP.  The fact that it is now presented to Plenary under such shady circumstances just goes to show how much arm twisting Rep. Cojuangco is willing to do merely pass his misguided bill.

"Clearly, Rep. Cojuangco's rabid pursuit of nuclear power should be questioned.  Nuclear power is dangerous, expensive and unnecessary.  In pursuing this bill, Rep. Cojuangco is in a mission to condemn future generations of Filipinos to almost certain disaster.  Congress should reject further efforts to move HB 6300 forward.  There is no logical reason why our lawmakers should be made to waste their time continuing to consider this oppressive and harmful energy source.  Congress should instead ensure that the Renewable Energy Law which they passed last year gets the full support it deserves in order to move the country toward a safe and sustainable energy future."

Greenpeace is an independent, global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment, and to promote peace.

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