Greenpeace Statement on today’s hearing at the House Committee on Appropriations on the House Bill to revive the BNPP

Press release - March 5, 2009
Greenpeace Southeast Asia Campaigns Manager for the Philippines Beau Baconguis said: "The ongoing debate on the House bill mandating the revival of the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant which continue to drag on in the House Committee on Appropriations just goes to show that Mark Cojuangco’s sordid nuclear proposal is clearly unsound and should not have been considered in the first place. Every single study conducted on the BNPP has concluded that this nuclear facility is unsafe to operate. There is no judicious reason why Congress should continue to hear this pointless proposal.

"Greenpeace has constantly asserted that: 1) Nuclear power is the most dangerous way to generate electricity, there is also no known scientific solution to safely storing plutonium, its deadly radioactive waste-product which remains radiotoxic for 240,000 years; 2) it is the most expensive source of power: aside from pricey construction costs, nuclear power involves expenses for decommissioning, as well as storage for nuclear waste, each of which can cost considerably more than new power plants; 3) Nuclear power cannot solve climate change-the contribution it can potentially make is negligible, and studies show that the entire nuclear power plant life cycle contributes significantly to climate change, and 4) it cannot give the country energy security, and will further render the Philippines dependent on the supply of uranium which is a limited resource found only in a few countries.  No discussion in Congress can reverse any of the above arguments.

"Congress should therefore junk the BNPP revival and other nuclear power proposals, and focus on the full implementation of the RE Act which they passed last year.  Congress should use their oversight function to ensure that the agencies tasked to develop the Implementing Rules and Regulations will complete their tasks within the deadline set by law and that the IRR will remain true to the

intent of the RE Act to spur massive investment on clean and safe renewable energy.  Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies-not nuclear power-are the genuine solutions to climate change and energy security."

Other contacts: Beau Baconguis, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Campaigns Manager for the Philippines, +63 917 871 5257, AC Dimatatac, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Media Assistant Philippines, +63 917 868 6451,