Greenpeace Southeast Asia. 10 years of protecting our environment together.

Publication - November 12, 2010
Greenpeace began in 1971 when a concerned group of individuals protested against US nuclear testing off the west coast of Alaska. The courage and commitment of the first Greenpeace activists, and the non-violent nature of their protest, set an example which thousands of people have since followed as part of a shared mission to bring about a cleaner, greener and more peaceful planet.

As a global organization, Greenpeace focuses on the most crucial worldwide threats to our planet's biodiversity and environment. Since our inception we have been successful in campaigning to reverse environmental degradation by 'bearing witness' to environmental destruction and exposing and confronting environmental abuse. Greenpeace research, investigations, information campaigns, lobby efforts and solutions work have been vital in informing policies by governments and changes in business practices to tackle environment problems.

Greenpeace Southeast Asia was established in 2000 with headquarters in Thailand and offices in the Philippines and Indonesia following the first visit of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior to the region during the “Toxic-Free
Asia Tour.”

Ten years of environmental investigations, scientific research, reports and lobbying efforts marked with dramatic, non-violent direct actions have propelled our campaigns to bring about critical change in attitudes of government and corporations and have helped us achieve important victories in our campaign to protect the environment.

We could not have done this without the enthusiasm and commitment of our individual donors, supporters, volunteers, and a wide range of allies from grassroots movements and international NGOs, who have shared our
vision of positive change for a better world.