EU Court of Justice upholds order for Poland to cease logging in the Bialowieza Forest - Greenpeace response

Informacja prasowa - 20 listopada, 2017
Warsaw, 20 November, 2017 — In reaction to the EU Court of Justice’s decision to uphold the ban on logging in the Bialowieza Forest in Poland and to impose a penalty payment of at least € 100 000 per each day of future infringement, Robert Cyglicki, Director of Greenpeace Poland said [1] :

“This is a groundbreaking decision for the Bialowieza Forest! The Polish people should not have to pay for Minister Szyszko’s horrible decisions. To avoid financial penalties, the heavy logging machines must stop destroying the forest now, and leave these century-old trees in the forest to decay naturally.”

“As the court pointed out in their decision, the Minister of Environment’s argument about the necessity of cutting down trees for safety reasons was nonsense. Any logging of the Bialowieza for safety reasons should be based on science and in consultation with a special commission consisting of all parties interested in the protection of the unique ecosystems of the Bialowieza Forest.”

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