Night screening at Palace of Culture in Warsaw - Greenpeace criticises Trump’s anti-climate policy

Informacja prasowa - 5 lipca, 2017
Warsaw, 5 July 2017 - On Wednesday evening, marking Donald Trump’s arrival in Poland, activists from Greenpeace Poland and Greenpeace Germany projected the words "No Trump, Yes Paris" on the facade of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The light projection criticised the US president's anti-climate policy and his decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement during meetings with Central and Eastern Europe leaders in Warsaw in the run-up to the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Paweł Szypulski of Greenpeace Poland said:

“President Trump announced that the US would leave the Paris agreement but he is isolated in that decision. Approximately 200 countries have accepted the climate accord and have no plans to withdraw. The European Union, as well as China, India and Canada strongly agree that actions to protect the climate must be carried out independently of Trump's rash and irresponsible decisions. Moreover, many US states like California, which itself is one of the largest world economies, have declared that they will implement the Paris Agreement, contrary to Trump’s policy.”

After visiting Warsaw, Donald Trump will attend the G20 summit in Hamburg, where furthering the aims of the Paris climate and the disagreement on that regard between the US and other major world economies will be an important topic. EU leaders have declared that they take their commitments to the Paris agreement seriously [1].

The Polish public is also also critical towards Trump's decision. According to a recent poll conducted by Kantar Public on a representative sample of Poles, 70% of respondents said they believed the United States should stay in the Paris Agreement. In addition, as many as 79% of Poles expect Poland to be more involved in actions to prevent the negative effects of climate change. Much the same (79%) were of the opinion that increasing energy production from domestic sources and renewable sources will be the best way to ensure Poland’s energy independence and security. [2]

“Trump is going to the G20 summit as an isolated politician. It is hard to imagine that during his visit to Warsaw he would find a common language in this matter with CEE countries, since all of them have signed the Paris Agreement and since they realise that its implementation is in their best interest and in the interest of the whole European Union," added Paweł Szypulski.


Notes to Editors:
[1] European Council meeting (22 and 23 June 2017) – Conclusions, p. 6: “The European Council strongly reaffirms the commitment of the EU and its Member States to swiftly and fully implement the Paris Agreement, to contribute to the fulfilment of the climate finance goals, and to continue to lead in the fight against climate change. The Agreement remains a cornerstone of global efforts to effectively tackle climate change, and cannot be renegotiated. The Agreement is a key element for the modernisation of the European industry and economy. (...)”

[2] Report can be downloaded from here (in Polish):

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Nocna projekcja na PKiN - Greenpeace  krytykuje antyklimatyczną politykę Trumpa